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1. We analyse your business goals and your website

Consulting & Care

2. We provide you with our experience based input and technical infrastructure


3. Your website is in align with your business goals and it attracts new clients

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Secure Hosting

Do you need a stable and overall safe environment for your online business presence? Our dedicated WordPress server has all you need to make the best out of your website - firewall, malware scan, spam protection, auto-backups and much more.

Content updates

You don't want to waste your time on content updates? You are in the right place! We can update your WordPress website with your own content, of any format type (text, images, video, document embed).


We are always learning and applying new security methods and technologies to make sure our hosting is safe and that your WordPress installations are clean from malware and constantly protected.

Plugin updates

Updating core, themes and plugins is crucial for your WordPress installation to work properly for the long run. That way you are making sure that you have all the recent optimizations, features and security fixes in place. We can make sure that your WordPress is always up to date and that nothing breaks during the updates.


Everyone likes a fast website. Website owners, visitors and even the search engines such as Google. We can help you optimize your WordPress website on multiple levels for the best possible performance. And best of all - we can keep it at that level.

Backup & Restore

No matter how great your server is, it can be brought down completely at any moment, by hack attack or hardware malfunction. To prevent this from happening to our clients, we are creating daily backups for every website we host and we can restore them with a single click.


We use WordPress as a development starting point since it can provide a solution for most of the online business needs - custom theme and plugin development, e-commerce and so on. WordPress currently powers around 30% of all the websites.


Your ideal clients won't find you by accident. We can help you boost your search engine optimization performance and monitor the flow of your new visitors through Google Analytics. Keywords research, sitemap creation and SSL certificate are only a few of many things you need for great SEO.


We can create weekly and monthly reports based upon your needs - website security reports, website performance reports and user traffic reports via Google Analytics.


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Who we are

Being in business for 9 years, Soulstudio is a web consulting and development company based in Croatia (Europe).

What we believe in

We believe that everybody deserves safe, stable and affordable web services. That is why our dedication, commitment and constant learning are reflecting that philosophy. Our biggest enemies are bad code and overpriced and unstable hosting environments.

What we do

We are providing our clients with strategies and technical infrastructure for their online-based businesses to grow.

Our clients

We love to work with open minded individuals who want the best for their business and are not afraid of out of the box solutions.