What started as one guy’s hobby or sort of a “soul remedy” in form of coding (hence the name “Soulstudio”), now is a digital solutions company based in Croatia. The road from hobby to freelancing and then to having a small and devoted team wasn’t easy. It is paved by many failures, years and years of hard work, constant learning and most important of all, passion.

We believe that everybody deserves safe, stable and affordable web services for their business. That is why our dedication, commitment and constant learning are reflecting that philosophy. Our biggest enemies are bad code and overpriced and unstable hosting environments. We don’t play that game. We want to improve your business anyway we can, we are here to provide value by doing what we love – and that is coding. 🙂

Being in business for 7+ years, we are providing our clients with services of development, hosting, security and maintenance of websites and custom made web applications. Although we are focused on WordPress services, we like to venture into other type of projects as well. As long as the project feels interesting to us and if we can provide value to our clients.

We love to work with open minded individuals who want the best for their business and who are not afraid of out of the box solutions. People who request value and improvement before anything else!

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