Our ideal clients are open minded individuals who want the best for their business and who are not afraid of out of the box solutions. People who request value and improvement before anything else.

WordPress is the perfect example of a successful open source tool and an awesome and supportive community behind it. At the moment, in 2017 WordPress powers around 27% of the websites on the internet. And this number goes up constantly.

It was originally supposed to be the blogging platform but people saw its potential and simplicity and started building their own additions (plugins) for it. Today, WordPress can be a blog, simple website, complex web portal, web shop or even a web forum.

With WordPress we are able to answer any client request while knowing and understanding process completely, no matter what form it should take. But not only that, we can share our experience and knowledge with the rest of this awesome and always growing community and improve it even more.

Yes, we are. Although we are focused on WordPress services, we like to venture into other type of projects as well. As long as the project feels interesting to us and if we can provide value to our clients.

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