WordPress Care & Support

The easiest way to describe WordPress care services is to say that they bring peace of mind to WordPress site owners and save their time. But not only that, proper WordPress maintenance and monitoring can prevent a lot of potential problems on your website and make it perform faster and better, helping you attract and convert new clients.

Common problems WordPress site owners have
  • Lack of developer support once the website is launched
  • Bad WordPress performance (slow site)
  • Unresponsive and slow hosting support
  • Bad server performance (site slow or unavailable)
  • Lack of WordPress backups
  • WordPress contact form spam
  • WordPress comment spam
  • Lack of security and performance WordPress updates
  • WordPress getting hacked (in most cases without any external signs)
  • Domain getting blacklisted by Google and site removed from search rankings
  • Expensive SSL certificates
  • Lack of (or broken) SSL certificates
  • Email messages sent via contact forms are going to spam
  • WordPress contact form is not working

WordPress Care Services

How we can solve your problems


We use latest server-side technologies and WordPress tweaks to make your WordPress constantly perform at its best.


We use many security tools and tweaks, including automated malware scanners. Our goal is to keep your WordPress 100% safe.

WordPress Updates

We make sure that your WordPress core and plugins are always up to date. This increases both performance and security of your site.

Daily backups

Our system creates automated daily and weekly backups of your WordPress sites and emails.

WordPress hosting

We maintain our own servers based in USA datacenter. The servers are dedicated only to our WordPress clients.

Uptime monitoring

We use various monitoring tools which check the status of your WordPress constantly and alert us if your site is down.

WordPress Care Plans

Choose the plan and let us do the rest :)

We provide value

Clients about us
Evan Carmichael

"The most amazing part of working with Soulstudio is how much they care about their clients. They genuinely want you to win. It goes beyond hosting, maintenance and support, which they're amazing at. Every experience with them is world-class and a true pleasure. If you’re considering working with Soulstudio, I’d give them two enthusiastic thumbs up. Thank you Soulstudio!"

YouTuber / Entrepreneur / Author / Speaker - Toronto, Canada

David Bach

"Thank you! You’ve been a pleasure to work with."

Author / Speaker / Entrepreneur - Florence, Italy

Nela Dunato

"Soulstudio created a custom plan for my websites so they all operate smoothly, and moved them all for me. As soon as my websites were in their new home, I noticed they loaded much faster than before. Whenever I have a tech-related question, they respond quickly and offer to help so I don’t have to do everything myself. I feel more relaxed knowing that someone else is taking care of my websites, and I’m free to focus on my creative work."

Brand Designer - Rijeka, Croatia

Sonja Švec Španjol

"I can commend your approach to the project – prioritization to complete analysis and diagnostics, detailed testing of applied solutions and upgrades, before live launch. What was particularly positive is regular communication under simple to understand terms, as well as availability throughout the project."

Founder / Author at "PerceiveArt" - Zagreb, Croatia


Who we are

What started in 2010 as a one-man web development operation is now a small and devoted team of web developers and server administrators.

Our focus is on WordPress hosting and WordPress care services such as speed optimizations, bug fixing and security hardening.

We are located in Croatia (Europe).

Our mission

Our mission is to provide fast, stable and secure hosting environment for your WordPress websites, as well as professional WordPress care services and ongoing user support.

We believe that everybody deserves safe, stable and affordable hosting services. That is why our dedication, commitment and constant learning are reflecting that philosophy.