Updating core and plugins is crucial for your WordPress installation to work properly for the long run. That way you are making sure that you have all the recent optimizations, features and security patches in place.

It very often happens that people update only core or only plugins. Or even worse, only part of the plugins. This way the chances of something breaking on the website are even bigger.

We can make sure that your WordPress core and plugins are always up to date and that nothing breaks during and after the updates are applied. If some bug or plugin conflict appears, it will be solved right away.

Unpredicted and annoying issues may appear from time to time. This issues can be manifested as server’s hardware malfunction, software update gone wrong, human error, website being hacked etc. That is why we offer 24/7 support for your server, WordPress installation or web application. We’ll be working around the clock, until your problem is solved.

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